nuestrocompr Our mission is to provide excellent medical rehabilitation services, at fair prices and with personalized and humane treatment to our patients in a pleasant environment and with a social responsibility towards our community.

As well as our vision of positioning ourselves as the leading Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation clinic, becoming the preferred option for doctors and patients due to our high quality of care and technology.

nuestrocompr Programs focused on preventing skin lesions, joint and muscle stiffness, among others. REHABILITATION in Hospitalary and
Intensive Care Unit.

nuestrocompr The objectives are: reestablishment of movement control, better coordination and muscular strength, equilibrium and reintegration to daily life activities and/or improved quality of life.
Cerebro-Vascular Diseases Paresis Paresthesias Facial palsy Spinal injury Neuropathies

nuestrocompr The objective is to improve range of motion, muscle strength, ambulation, spinal and joint hygiene teaching, training programs, among others. Orthopedic Rehabilitation Tendinitis Fractures Lumbago Luxation Sprains
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